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Did You Know…

Walter Cunningham Calls Climate Change a ‘Hoax’ (Click for ABC Video)

Walter Cunningham is an astronaut and avid environmentalist. When he calls man-made climate change a ‘hoax,’ people listen. If man is not causing catastrophic climate changes, imagine the savings in taxes, carbon caps and rising energy prices. If Cunningham is correct, the EPA can scrap its CO2 penalties.  President Obama’s controversial Executive Order giving government broad authority to manage communities in preparation for man-made climate change could be rescinded. The news would be a boon to almost every economy of the world. Share this...
So Much for Subsidized Railways

So Much for Subsidized Railways

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 2012, the average American rode 15,000 miles by auto, 1,850 by air and a whopping 21.7 miles on Amtrak.  In 2012, Congress subsidized Amtrak with $1.3 billion. The company runs 15 long haul routes that together lose nearly $600 million annually.  Most of the routes were created to satisfy members of Congress! Share this...
Two Democrats, Two Visions

Two Democrats, Two Visions

President Obama recently quoted JFK regarding terrorism. Yet the two Presidents had sharply opposing solutions to helping the poor and improving the economy.

The Danger of Glamorizing Failure

The Danger of Glamorizing Failure

History is humankind’s guidance system.  It helps policymakers, presidents and cultures avoid past errors.  Inaccurately depicted history is like  a recipe with the wrong ingredients. The Great Depression is an important example.  While FDR deserves praise for rallying a wartime America, historians largely finesse his failures.  Authors William Leuchtenburg and Howard Zinn glamorized FDR’s WPA, CCC and massive federal spending as saving the nation.  Yet, studies by UCLA economists suggest his policies prolonged the Depression and forced years of unnecessary suffering.  Few read of this in their history classes. David Lawrence’, Who Were the Eleven Million describes how the WPA became a political patronage system to assure FDR’s re-election.  His minimum wage policies caused needless suffering to blacks attempting to find work. The 32nd president’s  misuse of the FBI and IRS to harass political opponents including Jesse Owens and Joe Louis is detailed in Burton Fulsom’s, New Deal or Raw Deal. It is important to learn all sides of past events if we are to make sound future choices.  What kind of leaders would America breed if raised on a singular, subjective and glamorized view of failed policies?   Share this...
Tax Loving, Big Spending, Big Government – Republican

Tax Loving, Big Spending, Big Government – Republican

Reacting to the Great Depression, Republican Herbert Hoover imposed one of the biggest peacetime tax hikes in U.S. history. The range of taxes was enormous. Wartime excise taxes were revived, sales taxes imposed on gasoline, tires, autos, electric energy, malt, toiletries, furs, jewelry, and other articles; admission and stock transfer taxes increased; new taxes were levied on bank checks, bond transfers, telephone, telegraph, and radio messages; and the personal income tax was raised drastically including surtaxes up to 63 per cent. Hoover, not Roosevelt, laid the New Deal groundwork, a program that, according to economists, extended the Great Depression by 7 years.

Central banks cause inflation

Central banks cause inflation

In 1791, George Washington signed a 20-year charter for the First Bank of the United States. In the first five years, the government borrowed $8.2 million and prices rose by 72%. Central banks such as our Federal Reserve, loan money (notes) to the government as bank currency. The government repays the notes with interest bearing bonds. The government pays the interest by borrowing more Federal Reserve Notes. The vicious cycle always leads to inflation.

Closest relative to the elephant is a rodent!

Closest relative to the elephant is a rodent!

The African Rock Hyrax, a small Guinea Pig-looking mammal, has rounded claws and incisors similar to elephant’s tusks. The elephant’s closest relative has acute hearing and can go for long periods without water.

Pinocchio Politics

Pinocchio Politics

Transparency?  Not so much! Did you know that in 2013, 98% of all press requests for expedited data were refused by the EPA and 97% refused by the State Department.?  For the first time in history, 38 professional journalism groups led by the Society of Journalists argued , “As access to reporters has been cut off, doors to lobbyists have opened.” Share this...

Obama wants to reverse sequester that was his idea

Congress’ Budget control Act of 2011 shaved a mere 2.5% off federal spending. The president has been attempting to unravel the cuts since their inception. All this is odd, since the sequester was President Obama’s idea. Read more.

NOAA reverses claim 2014 hottest U.S. year in tweet!

After loudly heralding 2014 as the hottest year since the industrial revolution, NOAA quietly reversed themselves acknowleding that in fact 1836 was hotter. In a tweet, NASA’s Gavin Schmidt blamed the misinformation onthe press for not reporting the full findings. Read more.

The ACA failed to meet any of its main goals; and probably never will

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) set out to reduce the runaway costs of health plans, provide health coverage for all Americans, improve the quality of health plans and of healthcare delivery. In spite of much positive press coverage about the numbers of people insured, to date, the program has not met any of these laudable objectives, and probably never will.

U 2013 Census: US Median Income Plunges

Ever wonder why the administration touts the improved economy, but no one told your wallet? The recently released 2013 Census Report, Income and Poverty in the United States, contains some startling news.

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